Your Privacy & Security

We secure your personal information by:

  • Maintaining a privacy policy that includes electronic, physical, and procedural safeguards.

  • Utilizing state of the art security technologies

  • Limiting access to customer information based on need

At Pulte Mortgage, we take your privacy and security seriously. In fact, we have a dedicated security team whose sole responsibility is to safeguard sensitive customer and corporate information. Our rigorous and thorough procedures result in a safer mortgage transaction for you - so you can enjoy greater peace-of-mind and confidence in your home buying experience.

Above and Beyond

We pride ourselves in exceeding security standards. The methods we use range from high-tech solutions, such as data encryption and protection techniques for electronic information, to low-tech solutions, such as the shredding of paper documents to thwart dumpster divers from digging your personal information out of the trash.

State of the Art Security Technologies

  • E-mail - We use secure delivery for personal or financially sensitive communications to our customers and business partners.
  • Data - All data stored by Pulte Mortgage is housed in our secure Data Center facilities using state of the art technology, including physical and electronic monitoring systems and access controls.
  • Internet - We utilize multiple layers of security tools and processes to provide in-depth protection of your online mortgage transactions.

Access to Your Personal Information is Limited

One of the fundamental principles of information security is the idea of "need-to-know." This principle holds that information should be disclosed to those people who have a legitimate business need for the information. Our data classification system is designed to support this concept so that your information is protected from unauthorized disclosure, use, modification, and deletion.

Tips for Enhancing Your Security While Online

In addition to the measures we take to protect you, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that your personal information remains as secure as possible.

  • Do not disclose your User ID or Password to others
  • Log off when you are not actively working with the website
  • Change your Password periodically
  • Install and update anti-virus software
  • Activate a pop-up blocker